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Since 1984, CCMI’s mission has been to support the integrity of camel hair and cashmere products at all levels of production and distribution. In more recent years CCMI has extended this action to superfine wool products. A key part of this CCMI activity is market monitoring.
CCMI market monitoring works in the following manner:

• We purchase in the market products labelled as containing cashmere, camel hair, or wool displaying the Super S logo.
• A specimen is cut from the product paying attention to remove any reference to brand, origin of the product and other labelling information.
• The specimens are coded with a unique number and sent to qualified third party laboratories.
• When CCMI receives from the lab the results of the fiber content analysis it is compared with the information stated on the label.
• If the label is reporting accurate information the case is closed.
• If the label reports misleading information, compared to the test report, CCMI informs the retailer that the product infringes the law, and must be removed from sales or relabelled accordingly.
• CCMI is prepared to take further action including submitting the case to the appropriate national government authorities.

CCMI’s monitoring activities have greatly contributed to the maintenance of integrity of cashmere and superfine wool products.
There is always temptation for misrepresentation in the business of luxury textile products such as cashmere or superfine wool. Relevant parties in the industry are encouraged to test the genuineness of the labelling on cashmere and superfine wool products before they are sold or traded.

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